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Luka Šalipur

iOS developer

You will be satisfied to work with me, I am a young and perspective guy, who wants to make difference in the world.




You have trouble to fall asleep? This place will bring the peace in you. This app storage music/sounds on Firebase storage, and app pull out all of the information from there. This app is stream based app, so you won't be able to play any sounds/music without internet connection.

Link to repository.


Using the Google Books API, this application can perform full-text searches and retrieve book information, viewability and eBook availability.

Link to repository.


Find some really cool videos for free. This app use Pexels API for fetching some really nice videos in really good quality.

Link to repository.


No games yet

As soon as I contribute to making a game it will appear here.

About me

I am an iOS developer. With me, every app gets a soul, and lives a life.

Every project that I've made has fast, simple and clean code. You can check it on myGithub.
I have patience for every client, and every project. I learned programming to help other people get their wishes done, and that's my motivation, your happiness.


Let's Connect

If you have any questions, or request, please feel free to contact me at any time.